Map Powerpoint Template for Editable Slides

How to Format Map in Microsoft PowerPoint 2021?

Map PowerPoint Template is a presentation program that is used for providing data and map-based information to its audience. A typical Map PowerPoint consists of slides that can easily navigate. In addition, the slides are divided into different color themes. These color themes provide a visual aid to the audience to understand the map and the different data contained in the slides.

Map PowerPoint allows you to create your custom presentations by using an editable Map PowerPoint. The user is provided with a Map Template that contains text, markers, and shapes. Change the style of the Map Template as per your requirements. This also allows you to make the map easily understandable and more appealing.

The advantages associated with Map PowerPoint are several. First, when you use this template in the presentation, you can generate a map very quickly. Second, the world map slide show includes maps of different locations in the world. Therefore, it is quite easier to understand the location map in the Map PowerPoint presentation.

The features of Map PowerPoint enable you to customize the map as per the requirement. The slide show can contain a map with different color themes, map templates, and shapes. For example, you can customize the shape of the rectangle, polygon, map circle, and so on. 

To add the map with the Map PowerPoint, you can select the shapes and then click on the plus sign in shape. Map powerpoint will add a new shape to the toolbox. You can change the map shapes and then click on the edit button to insert them in the PowerPoint. By selecting any color from a palette located at the bottom of the slide, you can highlight the shape with the mouse and then click on the file icon to customize the shape according to the color theme.

Now you can easily add a single region or create a map with a different number of regions. To add a single region, you need to choose the region and then click on the right-click option to format the shape with the specified width and height. To add many regions to the map, you need to open a new tab in the Microsoft PowerPoint and then pick “Map” from the menu. You can also add multiple regions using the “Map” option and then choose “Insert.”

Map Powerpoint template Consits of :

  • North America Map
  • South America Map
  • Europe Map
  • Africa Map with Infographic
  • Asia map
  • Australia Map
  • United States Map
  • United Kingdom Map
  • Canada Map
  • France map
  • Brazil Map
  • India Map
  • Mexico Map
  • Germany Map
  • Ireland map
  • Austria Map
  • Italy Map
  • Russia Map
  • Spain Map
  • Belgium Map
  • China Map
  • UAE Map
  • Japan Map
  • Singapore Map
  • Indonesia Map

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