root cause analysis fishbone diagram ppt

Root cause analysis fishbone diagram ppt

Root Cause Analysis fishbone is a technique for identifying all the particular problem/effects (output) before narrowing down to the small number of primary, root causes that need to be addressed.

why use Cause and effect Analysis Fishbone

Root Cause Analysis is a valuable tool for:

  • Focusing on causes, not symptoms capturing the collective knowledge and experience of a group
  • Providing a what is the main cause of the problem
  • Establishing a sound basis for further data gathering and action
  • Cause and Effect Analysis can also identify all of the areas that need to be tackled to generate a positive effect.

What is a Cause and Effect Diagram

A Cause and Effect diagram graphically illustrates the analysis results and is constructed in steps. Cause and Effect Analysis is usually carried out by a group who all have experience and knowledge of the cause to be analyzed.

  • Cause-and-Effect diagrams graphically display potential causes of a problem
  • The layout shows Cause-and-Effect relationships between the potential causes